Sunday, October 31, 2010

Spooktacular Weekend

Happy Halloween, friends and family! Hope everyone is spending this spooky holiday with candy, costumes and of course fun people! I definitely am! I attended the Koepp's Annual Halloween party last night and it was fang-tastic. I dressed up as Thing 2 from Dr. Suess's Cat in the Hat. It was pretty fun.

Thing 2, Cowgirl Michelle and Lindsay, our Lady in Waiting.

Justin, the Crusader with the Cowgirl and Asajj (sp?) the Jedi from the Clone wars (aka Ninja DeeDee)

Teenwolf goes in for a kill, and Ninja DeeDee misses it by a hair!

The final blow! Ninjas beat Teen Wolves.

Me in my costume. Homemade, every year! Super comfy!!

Anyway, those are my pictures from Halloween...I was going to take pictures on actual Halloween night, but I totally forgot, in all the trick or treat madness. I accompanied the McBlair's as they scoured their neighborhood. It was great fun. Hope everyone had a good weekend and is ready for the fun to continue as the season picks up! Loves!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Lesson Learned

WEll the past 24 hours has been full of lessons. Remember to bring your purse in from your car. Remember to lock ALL your doors, even in the safest of nieghborhoods. How to close checking accounts and open new ones. How to get a new drivers license. All very valuable lessons. None that you are really excited to learn the hard way.

I am totally bummed that the best purse in the world was stolen from my car. I am really bummed that all my makeup was in there. I am also bummed that the Wells Fargo guy on the phone was adding insult to injury (chuckling, "wow that really sucks") while I was trying to figure out the safest way to protect my accounts and dealing with feeling quite violated!

HOWEVER! There is silver lining to this cloud. Officer Rick was helpful and very kind while reporting the incident. I've never been a cop hater, probably because my dad was a cop, but its times like these that I remember that cops are really good people (in most cases). Also, the person I talked to (after the first jerk) at WF was super helpful and down right motherly with her help. I got my license just fine and got new accounts opened up. Even got my direct deposit transferred. And my brother is helping me replace some of that makeup. I really am blessed that I was safe, the car was undamaged, and i still have my phone and my skates!

Here is the great thing, I am super bummed this happened. I will never understand stealing, because I have never had the compulsion to steal. But as I was relaying this story to Jess, I did mention this one thing: it blows, but my entire life doesn't fall down the tubes because of this incident. That feeling of stability has eluded me for so long! Yes, its a little crazy that this kind of events speak so loudly to me, but great that I feel that stable at all. Thanks for those of you that were praying for me while I was sorting all of this out. So greatly appreciated. Love you all.

Monday, October 11, 2010

aaaaaaaand i'm back!

okay, i know most of you can relate, but WHOA! life is busy. between derby, my job, and maintaining the relationships with people around me i barely remember to blog! ha!

just so everyone knows, I love my job! yes i have moved on from the initial honeymoon phase where there are birds singing as i walk through the door and a deer wonders through the aisles of mani/pedi chairs as i burst into song is over. granted, i still burst into song whenever possible (quite often actually, because we watch glee at my job. ha!), but you understand. its an amazing job with an amazing staff though. in fact, on saturday the owner of the company along with three of the techs came out to see my bout. i felt so supported and was even voted queen of the ball! thanks She She!!

unfortunately, i also really injured my knee pretty badly at the bout. its not super painful now, but i can't bend it very well and its swollen to twice the normal size. i'm trying to rest it and see what happens...bummed that i couldn't skate the second half, but glad that i am not more injured than i am.

tangent! i was thinking about this saturday night as i was driving home and my knee was numb. how crazy are our bodies as humans? okay, yes i know i have some friends in the medical field but stay with me here. often when our bodies are hurt or in danger, the chemicals that are released within us or the process that happen to protect us are amazing. adrenline rush during a dangerous situation, intuition (or the spooks, as i call them) on a late night stroll, even the stiffness in my knee feels like a blessing. because it was so immediate, i had to rest, when normally i would shrug it off and keep playing. that God cares about us so much he would give us these bodies to throw around and then make ways for them to mend and heal...this might just sound like rambling, but it really touched me. that i am cared for on that most basic level.

it amazes me that God is using everyday life to rebuild and resolidify my faith. injuries, community, even mornings that i get to just hang out and watch my favorite mutts. he is using that faith to back the joy i have found.

again, its a pleasure to share with you all. loves.

Sunday, September 19, 2010


Hey folks! hope you are enjoying the beautiful change of seasons. I am a huge fan of fall and each morning the crispness lasts a little longer and evening gets a little sweeter. Love it.

This is just another one of those ah ha! posts. Nothing huge to report, just more self discovery.

A little more than a year ago I was extremely depressed and was called out on it. In fact, I think it was late last May that a dear friend simply asked "What happened? You don't have that joy any more." And she was totally and completely right. I let it slip away, or something...

But about a week ago, I was driving to work and I realized it. The sadness is over. The joy is back. I am happy again. I mean sure, things are going to make me sad sometimes and I am forever changed by the events that have happened in the last year or so, but I don't live in that sadness anymore.

Its obviously freeing. I am really excited about it. It feels strange and I am getting used to it. Like a new pair of jeans. These look better on me, even if its more comfortable to slip back into ratty jeans.

Hope that makes sense. Loves!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

really beautiful birthday...

Talk about an amazing birthday!! Where to begin? (yes, I know this post is quite belated)

I was gifted a trip home, targetmoney/spending money, 57 wall posts of love, an AMAZING home cooked meal, lots of teasing, and an iPhone. No, you didn't read that wrong. Yes, I am quite a loved woman.

And while all of those things are amazing, what is great is the love behind them... Mike and Jess made it possible for me to go spend a few days with the family that puts me at ease, becuase they knew I needed to not be here. My Price family made it possible for me to spend a little time shopping, just because. My friends gave me love and support with a ton of encouraging words. Josh and Ruth teased me so much for my choice of dinner, but they loved it! And Mom Carol made me delicious hot chicken salad, because she wanted me to be happy. And Berto got me an iPhone becuase he knew I needed a new start and wanted to make that step forward.

I am the luckiest girl in the world. I feel more loved than I ever have in my life. I was dreading this birthday. But my loved ones made it amazing! Thank you guys, both for the love and also for helping me realize the meaning behind actions are precious.

You mean the world to me, friends and family. love, Love, LOVE you all!!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Some Clarity Would Be Nice

Thank you to Arielle for the mixes over the years. I have been slacking in this department, but I took some time and created a brief collection that expresses me very are my tunes! Sorry this is very lengthy, but it has to be. At least check out the great lyrics on each song if you don't read the whole post. :)
  1. Dog Days are Over (Florence and the Machine) - This song is emotionally charged, which really describes my recent self. Great lyric: Happiness hit her like a bullet.
  2. I'm Moving On (Rascal Flatts) - This song holds holds all the words that I needed to believe that everyone was saying to me. Its a sing that really shows the truth of having to do what is right for you, even if it sucks to admit you need to. Great lyric: I've loved like I should, but lived like a shouldn't.
  3. When the Tears Fall (Tim Hughes) - I had many a night where I was bawling asking "why?" with seemingly no answer. I was not so good at the praising part, but I truly grasp this song. Great lyric: When my heart aches, Lord, are you there?
  4. The Warrior (Scandal) - No mix is complete without an 80's hair glam song. I am totally empowered by this real reason. Great lyric: Shooting down the walls of heartache BANG! BANG! I am the Warrior!
  5. Everything is Everything (Lauryn Hill) - This song in the musical equivalent to my recent catch phrase "it is what it is." Plus, Hill has a beautiful voice. Great lyric: Everything is everything.
  6. The Long Way Around (Dixie Chicks) - There is not really a better way to explain this song. Just listen to the words. You'll get it. Great lyric: Guess I could have made it easier on myself.
  7. Filled with Your Glory (Westmont Chapel Band) - This song brought me back to my roots. To Arielle, Helen, Hayley, Rusti, Cory, the place where my faith really started to take shape. It also taught me about community. That among the family that isn't blood, but bond, I can recover from this and my faith can be stronger. Great lyric: As the fire is raging on, your word becomes my song.
  8. Drumming Song (Florence and the Machine) - It invokes that sense of something that you can't escape thinking about. I have spent a ton of time trying to get away from my thoughts, but unfortunately the thoughts don't stop. The truth is my fears and hurts and joys circle my head with extreme ferver and at night sometimes it feels just like a drumming. Great lyric: There's a drumming noise inside my head that throws me to the ground.
  9. Home (Michael Buble') - Home is the concept that I long for so much... The tone of this song just displays that yearning for home. Great lyric: May be surrounded by a million people, I still feel all alone.
  10. Come Close (Ginny Owens) - This song sounds like a prayer and kinda like a stream of consciousness to God. I love the rawness of it Great lyric: My heart will not let go, until you come close.
  11. Need You To Love Me (BarlowGirl) - This whole process has left my re-evaluating everything, and praying to God for the basics. That my faith be restored and that I understand His love. Great lyric: Your love makes me see who I really am.
  12. The Heart of the Matter (India.Arie) - I heard this song while rediscovering India.Arie...the song had me in tears (granted, not very hard) within the first verse, and kept me there for the entire song. I'm finally in this place. Great lyrics: I've been learning to live without you, But I miss you baby. (and) I've been trying to get down to the heart of the matter, but my will gets weak and my heart is so shattered.
  13. Don't Stop Believin' (Journey) - This song needs no explanation. Great lyric: Hold on to that feelin'!
  14. If You Say Go (Westmont Chapel Band) - I have sung this song a thousand times, both in times of frustration and in times of celebration. Its really a comfort song to me. I have been asked a lot if I could do what is right, even if its the hard choice. And I can. Thank for my friends who "go" along with me. Don't get me wrong, most of the time I go kicking and screaming. my faith has survived this, pressed but not crushed. Great lyric: If you call us to the fire, we will not withdraw our hand.
  15. New Soul (Yael Naim) - This quirky song fits how I am feeling in my best of times. Kind of that fall down and being able to laugh way. Great lyric: Finding trust and love is not always easy to make.
  16. A Beautiful Day (India.Arie) - India is awesome at taking biblical truths and setting it to music. This song embodies the scripture that says "His mercies are new every morning." Great lyric: Life is a challenge, not a competition.
  17. Faithful To Me (Jennifer Knapp) - I have often sung this prayer. At times of guilt, regret, reconciliation, and redemption. Its a great closure to my mix, because it leaves things open...the process is not over and I am far from figuring everything out. But I am recognizing faith during this time. Great lyric: I have cast my lots, dropped my guard, searched aimlessly, for a faith to be faithful to me.
El fin! Hope you enjoy. I recommend listening to these tunes...let me know if you need help finding any recordings! Oh and just a heads up, this took me a long time to complete, like over a week. I'd be curious to know what songs would be rocking on your current events mix.


Saturday, August 21, 2010

something is over...

okay i was trying to be cute and title all my blogs posts with something or some thing in the title...its getting lame, so i am going to stop.

so! much has happened since my last post. well, actually not really...just lots of thought, i suppose. where to begin?

first off, i saw ruthie, charlie and james this weekend. such a breath of fresh air. though mike, jess and i have awesome community here, there is something about having more family in town. its the effortlessness, the ease that make each moment precious with laughter and authenticity. totally blessed just getting to spend some time with them.

also, i am working on a current events mix of music to share with you guys. i found like 6 cd's that arielle had made me and have been crying, laughing and singing along to them all week. more of that to come later. the "set list" will be published in true apostle mix making fashion.

and finally, i got to talk to my dear friend cory tonight. it was great. our lives are so different now and still we can talk with ease and share truth. its precious. i am lucky to have friends like that...who know my core, even if my world looks different now. we talked and used words like careers and mistakes and longing. felt like we were adults or something. craziness!

anyway. my brain is kinda jumbled....too many thoughts for one post. i will try to digest them a little and post some more on the topic. i realize that i write this blog for me, but i like to keep your guys updated. today was good. and tomorrow holds promise. thanks for trucking along on this journey with me.

Monday, August 16, 2010

something from the big screen

just watched "eat pray love"


while i really enjoyed it, maybe not the best thing to watch during this time in my life. don't get me wrong, it was a great movie. i just felt like every line delivered was completely relevant to things i am feeling. so good job hollywood. that is a the purpose of movies: to relate the feeling of writers/directors/characters to the wide expanse that is the audience. success to hollywood! cheers. now please get me a tissue.

i'm not going to reveal the entire movie, but i am going to share some lines/ideas/scenes from the movie. brace yourself.

at one point the main character is lying in bed with her partner and he says "listen we stay together because while we fight, and we don't have sex, and life is hard, at least we have each other. being miseable together is better than being apart" rip my heart out and serve it across the table please. i know that statement. i held on to it so dearly for a while. and a huge part of me yearns for it again. loneliness is hard and who wants to choose it? but if i truly love someone how can i ever expect to demand them to live miserably?

also, the main character gets screamed at from across the table that she is a quitter. so she blames him, and he doesn't hear it, so she blames herself. i know that too. i know that depth that you see the person you love so much unable or unwilling (both sometimes) to see the incredible impossibility of relationship. so you say and believe yes, it's my fault. yes i am the quitter. i can't make this work. and that hurts so horribly.

finally i will share a single line that i am trying so hard to believe. "it won't last forever; nothing does." God, please let this line be true.

and here is something i am learning, independant of movies, books, or any outside influence: once you think you have cried the last cries, that the sobs have stopped, that the hurt has are probably not even half way there. i don't say this cynically. i say it with hope. i say it for this reason: just because last week i felt i could handle life and heartbreak and this week i can't and i literally can't hold it together for the length of a movie doesn't mean i've experienced backsliding. it means i'm experiencing it. i'm not numb or drowning...i am moving forward.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

some things do change.

i'm struggling for words...hold the jokes please. i can't really explain, but i think my heart is healing a little bit. still scared, but maybe less heartbroken. someone asked about things on the d front, and i said (and truly believed it when i said it) i won't hurt like this forever.

i finally believed it. whoa, talk about serious change.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

something's go by too fast, some don't

this week has blown by like a mad tornado in kansas. however, the circumstances that have made this week hard are still here.

i still am looking for housing. i am still dealing with heartbreak. i am still mouthbreathing and sneezing because of the allergies that have refused to subside.

jess has literally used all her free time doing leg work for my apartment search, but to no avail. i have a hard time seeing positives in the housing situation. i'm sad i have to find a place to myself. i'm sad that i am 25 and i still don't make very much money (though its on the up swing) and can't afford very many places. i love my new job, but the fact that i am staying in fort collins does remind me that things with daniel went horribly wrong...and that hurts.

i am heartbroken still. its no wonder, i haven't really dealt with the heartbreak side of things. its been go go go since i cut things off... and with purpose. i am scared to deal with these issues. i'm sad i need to at all. i'm a very introspective person, but i am so scared to look inside myself right now. and i miss daniel so much. yes, i'm angry at the situation, but it doesn't change the fact that i lost one of my good friend, the man i thought i was going to marry, and the hope of our future in the course of events. i miss our jokes, our language, our plans.

and seriously colorado? when did you decide to be all pollen ridden?!?!? i find myself holding my breath, because i simply forget that my nose barely works....except for sneezing.

i'm in such a transitional place right now its hard to see what real and imagined. things i convince myself of and what is actually right in front of me. please pray for me. i honestly don't know whats in the wings for me and i am terrified to find out. i love you all and appreciate your support in this.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

some things about me...

  1. i love the rain.
  2. its been raining off and on here for a few weeks and it reminds me of my best and hardest times.
  3. though he doesn't live with me, i have a dog who will lick the tears off my face and make me laugh so hard i go into silent mode...within the same hour, mind you.
  4. someone took a chance on me last week. that feels amazing.
  5. i love my new job and what its doing to my closet. yes please to the black and hot pink overhaul.
  6. i need new pads for derby. i play hard and fall harder.
  7. my favorite thing about God (even at my hardest times) is His understanding of comic relief and the necessity of it.
  8. my favorite comic is sarge apostle.
  9. i always underestimate the strength of my own heart.
  10. i'm blessed with people to remind of that strength and to spur me on.

Friday, July 30, 2010

something about the dark.

night is the hardest time for me. it's lonely, dark, and scary. and while i hold many good nights in my memory bank, and i find them difficult currently. i won't deny loving a campfire after a long day or staring at the stars. i love hearing the hooting and cooing birds at night, and even the sounds of traffic are nice as i am doozing off to sleep.

it's not so much the dark that is scary, but rather the lack of light. think about it. starless nights are just not as satisfying as ones where you can count the stars. its the recognition that there is more than the dark (there is life will the voices of animals) that makes the night not as daunting.

in the same vein, it doesn't really surprise me that God is called the great Light of the world. and that the absence of His presence, is sin. which is dark...hmm interesting.

i think its natural for me to want to be in the light, not in the dark. and to cling to the things that remind me of the light and life that is around me, regardless of the time of day.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

something unsettling.

its unsettling that i can't offer redemption to the guy i offered my entire life to. its unsettling that honesty is great, unless its about the indiscretion one holds. its unsettling that i am one month shy of 25 and i am still learning these lessons.

tonight held a crazy difficult conversation, followed by insight and reflection. just needed to write some things out...

i want to say thank you to the two women that offered me love through wisdom tonight. one is wise simple because she lets the Lord speak through her, and the other is wise because she survived the same heartache but many years longer than i did. thank you both for your words, your time, and your concern. you guys are both really great.

i don't think either of them read this, but i am getting through this time, rolling forward, because of people who are willing to offer their gifts. i am going to try to be better about giving credit where credit is due.

anyway, thats my two cents for tonight. it was a hard night and i am glad its over. love you all.

Monday, July 26, 2010

something new.

well folks, i'm starting a new blog. something to help me clear my head everyonce in a while.
i am a horrible blogger, but i just feel the need to create.

life has been really tricky. falling in love, falling out of an engagement, falling and not really sure who is going to catch me...but all of it goes back to a simple truth: i'm just skating along. i engage with others. i work with passion. i try really hard to learn lessons that i'll end up repeating. but at the end of the day there is no backward motion. only moving forward.

i'm not really doing this for anyone but myself, but that self is a pretty awesome person. i'm figuring that out. join me if you like.