Saturday, August 21, 2010

something is over...

okay i was trying to be cute and title all my blogs posts with something or some thing in the title...its getting lame, so i am going to stop.

so! much has happened since my last post. well, actually not really...just lots of thought, i suppose. where to begin?

first off, i saw ruthie, charlie and james this weekend. such a breath of fresh air. though mike, jess and i have awesome community here, there is something about having more family in town. its the effortlessness, the ease that make each moment precious with laughter and authenticity. totally blessed just getting to spend some time with them.

also, i am working on a current events mix of music to share with you guys. i found like 6 cd's that arielle had made me and have been crying, laughing and singing along to them all week. more of that to come later. the "set list" will be published in true apostle mix making fashion.

and finally, i got to talk to my dear friend cory tonight. it was great. our lives are so different now and still we can talk with ease and share truth. its precious. i am lucky to have friends like that...who know my core, even if my world looks different now. we talked and used words like careers and mistakes and longing. felt like we were adults or something. craziness!

anyway. my brain is kinda jumbled....too many thoughts for one post. i will try to digest them a little and post some more on the topic. i realize that i write this blog for me, but i like to keep your guys updated. today was good. and tomorrow holds promise. thanks for trucking along on this journey with me.

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