Sunday, August 1, 2010

some things about me...

  1. i love the rain.
  2. its been raining off and on here for a few weeks and it reminds me of my best and hardest times.
  3. though he doesn't live with me, i have a dog who will lick the tears off my face and make me laugh so hard i go into silent mode...within the same hour, mind you.
  4. someone took a chance on me last week. that feels amazing.
  5. i love my new job and what its doing to my closet. yes please to the black and hot pink overhaul.
  6. i need new pads for derby. i play hard and fall harder.
  7. my favorite thing about God (even at my hardest times) is His understanding of comic relief and the necessity of it.
  8. my favorite comic is sarge apostle.
  9. i always underestimate the strength of my own heart.
  10. i'm blessed with people to remind of that strength and to spur me on.


  1. love: this post in whole, you, and sarge apostle too. even if he is a beast.

    p.s. i have "toxic love" in my head thankyouverymuch fern gully!

  2. p.s. i think God uses sarge at all the right times for comic relief, i.e. farting loudly during a heavy moment (#7)