Wednesday, July 28, 2010

something unsettling.

its unsettling that i can't offer redemption to the guy i offered my entire life to. its unsettling that honesty is great, unless its about the indiscretion one holds. its unsettling that i am one month shy of 25 and i am still learning these lessons.

tonight held a crazy difficult conversation, followed by insight and reflection. just needed to write some things out...

i want to say thank you to the two women that offered me love through wisdom tonight. one is wise simple because she lets the Lord speak through her, and the other is wise because she survived the same heartache but many years longer than i did. thank you both for your words, your time, and your concern. you guys are both really great.

i don't think either of them read this, but i am getting through this time, rolling forward, because of people who are willing to offer their gifts. i am going to try to be better about giving credit where credit is due.

anyway, thats my two cents for tonight. it was a hard night and i am glad its over. love you all.


  1. If it matters, I am here and reading (although I'm not one of the two women you spoke to tonight - praise God you have so many wise friends in your life, you are SO blessed!). Only Christ can offer true redemption. And at 35 I am still learning basic lessons. It never stops. I'm here for you. Love you.

  2. Me, and reading...and praying for you often as you go through this difficult time! One thing you can be certain of, Kate...there are many people who love you and always want the BEST for you! Ditto what Tara said about true redemption. Keep rolling forward. Love you!

    (52 and still learning)