Monday, October 18, 2010

Lesson Learned

WEll the past 24 hours has been full of lessons. Remember to bring your purse in from your car. Remember to lock ALL your doors, even in the safest of nieghborhoods. How to close checking accounts and open new ones. How to get a new drivers license. All very valuable lessons. None that you are really excited to learn the hard way.

I am totally bummed that the best purse in the world was stolen from my car. I am really bummed that all my makeup was in there. I am also bummed that the Wells Fargo guy on the phone was adding insult to injury (chuckling, "wow that really sucks") while I was trying to figure out the safest way to protect my accounts and dealing with feeling quite violated!

HOWEVER! There is silver lining to this cloud. Officer Rick was helpful and very kind while reporting the incident. I've never been a cop hater, probably because my dad was a cop, but its times like these that I remember that cops are really good people (in most cases). Also, the person I talked to (after the first jerk) at WF was super helpful and down right motherly with her help. I got my license just fine and got new accounts opened up. Even got my direct deposit transferred. And my brother is helping me replace some of that makeup. I really am blessed that I was safe, the car was undamaged, and i still have my phone and my skates!

Here is the great thing, I am super bummed this happened. I will never understand stealing, because I have never had the compulsion to steal. But as I was relaying this story to Jess, I did mention this one thing: it blows, but my entire life doesn't fall down the tubes because of this incident. That feeling of stability has eluded me for so long! Yes, its a little crazy that this kind of events speak so loudly to me, but great that I feel that stable at all. Thanks for those of you that were praying for me while I was sorting all of this out. So greatly appreciated. Love you all.

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