Monday, January 31, 2011

i'm going to get creative here...

soooooo much has happened since october. i know i suck at being a consistent blogger, but i am going to be working on that. i will be blogging two to three times a week for the next three months. but here is a quick update:

had a stellar Christmas with my fam
still loving working at She She...seriously the best job ever
started skating again (wow i love being on my wheels)
moved into my own place
and with the help of family and friends things are coming together quite nicely...

i am in such a healthy and awesome place...emotionally, spiritually...residentially :) and i am just happy. i started a bible study that i'm doing long distance with ari, and God is moving in very real ways in my life. there isn't much that happens in my life that i'm not excited about. its a completely different place than i was in even 6 months ago. its pretty great.

mostly this post is just to let you all know i am coming back to the blog-o-sphere. i'll be writing again soon!!