Monday, October 11, 2010

aaaaaaaand i'm back!

okay, i know most of you can relate, but WHOA! life is busy. between derby, my job, and maintaining the relationships with people around me i barely remember to blog! ha!

just so everyone knows, I love my job! yes i have moved on from the initial honeymoon phase where there are birds singing as i walk through the door and a deer wonders through the aisles of mani/pedi chairs as i burst into song is over. granted, i still burst into song whenever possible (quite often actually, because we watch glee at my job. ha!), but you understand. its an amazing job with an amazing staff though. in fact, on saturday the owner of the company along with three of the techs came out to see my bout. i felt so supported and was even voted queen of the ball! thanks She She!!

unfortunately, i also really injured my knee pretty badly at the bout. its not super painful now, but i can't bend it very well and its swollen to twice the normal size. i'm trying to rest it and see what happens...bummed that i couldn't skate the second half, but glad that i am not more injured than i am.

tangent! i was thinking about this saturday night as i was driving home and my knee was numb. how crazy are our bodies as humans? okay, yes i know i have some friends in the medical field but stay with me here. often when our bodies are hurt or in danger, the chemicals that are released within us or the process that happen to protect us are amazing. adrenline rush during a dangerous situation, intuition (or the spooks, as i call them) on a late night stroll, even the stiffness in my knee feels like a blessing. because it was so immediate, i had to rest, when normally i would shrug it off and keep playing. that God cares about us so much he would give us these bodies to throw around and then make ways for them to mend and heal...this might just sound like rambling, but it really touched me. that i am cared for on that most basic level.

it amazes me that God is using everyday life to rebuild and resolidify my faith. injuries, community, even mornings that i get to just hang out and watch my favorite mutts. he is using that faith to back the joy i have found.

again, its a pleasure to share with you all. loves.

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