Friday, July 30, 2010

something about the dark.

night is the hardest time for me. it's lonely, dark, and scary. and while i hold many good nights in my memory bank, and i find them difficult currently. i won't deny loving a campfire after a long day or staring at the stars. i love hearing the hooting and cooing birds at night, and even the sounds of traffic are nice as i am doozing off to sleep.

it's not so much the dark that is scary, but rather the lack of light. think about it. starless nights are just not as satisfying as ones where you can count the stars. its the recognition that there is more than the dark (there is life will the voices of animals) that makes the night not as daunting.

in the same vein, it doesn't really surprise me that God is called the great Light of the world. and that the absence of His presence, is sin. which is dark...hmm interesting.

i think its natural for me to want to be in the light, not in the dark. and to cling to the things that remind me of the light and life that is around me, regardless of the time of day.

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  1. Sorry, but I can't help but comment. Just love you so much. I once read a quote I love about the dark. It goes something like this. I can find the full quote for you later, I know exactly where it is, just don't have time at the moment. Where it is darkest is where we are the shadow of his wing. Also, I read this amazing blog post by Randy Alcorn yesterday...the last line just blew me away. Love you bunches.