Saturday, January 28, 2012

not in any particular order

i am using one of those wonderful topics for blogging i found on pinterest. i have decided to not do them in order though...because it's my blog, and at the end of the day, i can do whatever i want. ha! so i am choosing to not cover topic #2, but instead skip ahead.

topic #23: Something That I Miss

i miss snow days from school. i miss them so much. i remember so vividly sitting in front of the tv, watching as odessa, olathe, and other school districts rolled across the bottom of the screen. i remember wishing i lived in the odessa school district because it seemed as thought they never had to go to school. and then finally, after i was completely dressed (or so late that there would be no chance of me getting dressed in time anyway), shawnee mission schools would crawl across the screen. practically begrudgingly, as if it knew i had been waiting. then i would shake off my school clothes (if i had gotten that far) and put my pj's back on. sometimes i would turn on nickelodeon or disney and watch movies all day, but most of the time i would just fall back to sleep until mom woke me up for lunch.

the cold, hard truth about being a grown-up (especially in northern colorado) is that there are no snow days. at least, not since i have been here. it's colorado, so the roads are generally cleared enough that you won't get killed by driving on them. the weather doesn't create horrible ice and sleet like we get in kc, so power rarely gets knocked out. and there is that whole thing about having to get a paycheck. yes, even if the weather sucks there are STILL bills to pay. which, in itself, is completely lame.

i hope when i have kids they get to experience snow days. i hope that they watch with rapt attention and groan when the list starts back over...once again without their school. i hope they cheer and ask for a special treat when they get the news that school, teachers, and homework are being held at bay do to the onslaught on winter weather. because every kid deserves to have that joy.

here's wishing for snow-pocalypse 2012. :)

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