Sunday, January 8, 2012

new year

so here goes the blog...again. listen folks, i know i am a horrible blogger. i can recognize it. but i am going to go at it once more. plus i found this list of ideas on pinterest. not really sure what the list is for, but i am going to use them as blog post ideas.

topic #1: Five Ways to Win My Heart

5. be direct. i respond very well to this. i would prefer to deal with people who are up front with me that actually care about me than deal with people who are polite to me but couldn't care less about my well being.
4. let me sing in your car. turn up the radio so loud you can't actually hear me sing, put on my favorite song. and never bring up how many times my voice cracked on the bridge to the chorus.
3. let me laugh at you. and laugh at me. keep me aware of the fact that i am completely adorkable and be vulnerable enough to show your side of silly.
2. fight fair. i'm still learning how to do this, but its about having grace, passion, and love be part of conflict. it also means finish the fight...don't abandon it.
1. show me new things. music, art, places, emotions, food, books, history, your story. i want to share it with you.

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