Wednesday, February 16, 2011


So, this past Sunday FoCo Girls gone derby did their second trading card photo shoot! It was amazing! I was all done up by Devin F., who is simply fabulous and also hilarious. Such a blessing that she was there because I would have never been able to pull off what she did.

It was a blast! This was taken with my phone, but still...check out that hair!! Absolutely fabulous! Last year, we did photos on a white set, and it was super fun, but this year we posed with classic cars. I was with a bright orange El Camino...and while its not my fav. car in the world, the engine was pretty stinking sweet. I won't have those photos for a couple months, but I did whip out my Hipstamatic app to take some artsy fartsy pictures...

Holy waistline batman! I love this picture! I had black leggings on the bottom, a la Sandy at the end of Grease and then of course my skates. Watch out 1950's , FoCo is bringing you back! Here's is a closer photo of me:

I really love this photo of me. I sent this one to my mom and she said she did a double take, thinking it was her mom! When Devin was doing my hair, I felt like my mom's mom must have felt doing her hair before she went out dancing. Here is a picture of her...holding her baby boy, that I would 30 years later call Unk.

I love that I kinda looked like my grandma on Sunday. I look soooo much like my dad's side, so its cool to see that part of my family history come out...Just special to me. Hope you all liked the photos! Love you all!

ps, thanks unk mike...i borrowed the pic of g-ma candy from your facebook!!

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  1. How cool! I can't wait to see the final product. You look like a model!!