Thursday, February 9, 2012

sharing awesomeness

hey friends and family.
i am having a rough week! no rhyme or reason...just feeling a little worse for wear. but i know that its just a phase/season/whatever. i refuse to wade in the waters of complacency though, so i am going to stop whining and start doing things.

i'm a strong believer that it is really difficult to be in a bad mood when you are surrounded by awesomeness, so i am going to make a list (did i ever tell you i love list making?) of awesome things that are in my life right now and share them with you. because, hey, maybe you need a little more awesome in your life.
  • is my new fav blog. seriously, glennon is a christian wife and mom of 3 who is very real and very awesome. i highly recommend checking out her stories. this one hit home for me...enjoy!

  • i just got the coolest ring from my work. listen, i don't have the budget to do lots and lots of retail therapy, but little treats go a loooooooooong way. here is a picture of my very cool ring.

yes. it IS an airplane. be jealous. or just shop at she she.

  • i have the best running partner. seriously. my little sister sarah is great at encouraging me, pushing me farther, and lamenting when the road really sucks. we definitely have different goals, but we have the same mantra. when one says "okay, i can do this", the other says "hey, you ARE doing this!"
  • my nephew is going to be the coolest kid in all of colorado. possibly in the world. i bought him a book about a pidgeon and clothes with dinosaurs on them. i can't WAIT to spoil this kid beyond all stretches of the imagination.
  • find new good music. holiness, how can songs just hit you like a sack of bricks? i am still loving florence and the machine, but i have branched out to some more fun stuff too. look up clara c and eli young band.
  • friends are awesome. get good ones. and BE A GOOD ONE. my friendships are flourishing. seriously, how awesome is that? even my relationships with my family are becoming more like friends. its a pretty great feeling, if i am being honest. and when am i not?
  • the ability to move forward is really great. so do it. like running: it sometimes blows and hurts and i just wonder when i am going to see new scenery part of the time. but my feet are moving. my feet are hitting the ground and i did just finish that mile. or those 5 miles. God doesn't keep me standing still...i do. so, i am moving forward. my forward motion involves all of the above and more.
okay. that is my short list. i will move through this fog. i know i will. thanks for being there through the bad moods and general blah-ness. i love you all.

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