Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Day One

A friend of mine did this music challenge on Facebook. It was really fun to follow along with her, so I've decided to also play! Basically, I'll be posting songs and videos in response to the prompts! Feel free to play along, whether you want to answer the prompts in the comments section or start your own challenge!

Day 1: Your Favorite Song

This is an unfair one, as I change my fav song ALL the time! But pretty consistently I have loved the song Fuel by Ani DiFranco.

Granted, its most like beat poetry, but I love it. The song reminds me of my brother Bill, my sister Marri, my parents, my friends and driving with my windows down. It makes me wish I had pursued acting and reminds me of the joy of performing. Here is the version I like the best, though the video paired with it is kinda lame. Enjoy friends!

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