Sunday, June 26, 2011

Day Three

Okay, when I said I was doing the 30 day music challenge, you guys didn't expect me to actually finish it in 30 days right? Good.

BTW, I am going to start answering these prompts on impulse. It is truly unrealistic to think I might be able to provide the be-all/end-all solutions for this posts. But I will put thought and effort into each of them. Hence the large gaps between days. :)

Day 3: A song that makes you happy.

Tik Tok, by Ke$ha

Before you judge me for choosing to listen to any person who opts to not spell her name with letters, but with currency symbols, give me a chance to explain.

I love beat driven music. I find them much easier to dance to. And given my dances moves look similar to a baby giraffe learning to walk, I need all the help I can get.

This song also reminds me of my really good friend, Pam. She introduced me to this song, and shortly thereafter we listened to the song on repeat for probably close to an hour or so. And while it does promote lots of drinking, it does give a great piece of advice:

"The Party Don't Start 'til I Walk In"

Hey, it might sound vain, but own that line! I love walking into a BBQ, cheese party or birthday gig knowing that the party would have a different vibe if even one less person was there. Especially if the person was me. Ha! So own it, ladies and gents alike!


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  1. Oh my goodness...this reminds me of Just Dance. Remember dancing to this song??? Awesome. Can't wait to do more Just Dance next time you come home!!!